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Best LBA site that ever existed: Tha Magicball Network
Encyclopedia of everything about Lba 1 i 2
Lba1 Windows port

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Latest versions:  LBArchitect - v 1.2, LBA Package Editor - v 0.11+, LBA Text Editor 2 - v 2.3,
LBA Font Editor - v 2.03+, LBA Shape Editor - v 0.01


  LBA File Information Project

The goal of this project is to recognize and put together all information about all LBA files.

  Lba Projects

Alternative site with LBA programs. The autor has many good ideas and he makes sources of his programs available for downloading.

  Little Bit Adventure

Page dedicated to so-called mods that is modifications. Different language translations, translation making and font editind programs, and detailed howto instructions.

  The Magicball Network

One of the best LBA sites. Descriptions, walkthroughs, additional stuff, news and: IMHO the best LBA Forum all over the world.

  Sendell`s Well

Very good site too. You can find there high-detailed descriptions and walkthroughs. I recommend.

  Encyclopedia Twinsunica

Encyclopedia describing world of Little Big Adventure. It contains a lot of information about every place you can visit, every character you can meet and about everything which occurs in both parts of the game.


LbaWin project is project of creating windows port for Lba1, which will allow it to run under windows. Currently in beta-testing phase - everyone may join.