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Latest versions:  LBArchitect - v 1.2, LBA Package Editor - v 0.11+, LBA Text Editor 2 - v 2.3,
LBA Font Editor - v 2.03+, LBA Shape Editor - v 0.01

  Welcome to download section. Actually, this is the main section of the site. And you will find there:

  Programs - I think it doesn't need an explanation. Generally, here are programs to edit LBA files, but some day there will be more, like trainers. Here you can also download source codes of the programs.

  Mods - Modules (or Modifications as some people say). Files which can change some features of the game (e.g. add new language).

  Documents - mainly files descriptions (what they contains, what they do in game, etc.), but here also can be solutions, although I would not consent to this.

  Other - stuff, that don't fit any other category.

  The icons on the right side of each program/file mean:
- download Polish version of corresponding program,
- download English version of corresponding program,
- download bilingual version of corresponding program,
- download source code of corresponding program.