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  The "Little Big Adventure" game ("Relentless" in USA) was published in 1994. It's creator is French company named Adeline Software. Polish publisher is IPS Computer Group. First edition was sold in 400 000 pieces. It was incredible number those times. But it's no wonder: the game had very nice graphics (those times), and it had outstanding playability. It was rather long: it takes about 40 hours to finish. Little Big Adventure is a peculiar achievement. It was developed it two versions: CD and diskette. Diskette version was ripped of movies and voices, and it had midi music (in CD version - audio CD). But it is no wonder. The best is that the diskette version took (after install) almost 20MB of disk space!

  The game's world is shown in isometric view, it means that you see terrain at 45°. The terrain itself is a flat image, which imitates 3D. However characters are real 3D models, which makes the game more realistic and more pleasing to play. Distinct from other agventure games, main character can change his behaviour. There are four behaviours:
  - normal - to talk and search,
  - athletic - in this behaviour you can run and jump,
  - aggressive - it comes in useful during combat,
  - discreet - if you don't want to be noticed.
  The savig system is a bit odd: the game makes a savegame during entering and leaving sectors. Sector means a square. All islnds are split into them. This system was to be convenience, but it was criticized by players.

  You can travel through the large world (11 islands) as Twinsen: young Quetch race representative, which starts his adventure from prison. Why? Because he had prophetic dreams, in which the goddess Sendell called him to raise against the tyrant. This tyrant is FunFrock: evil and cruel ruler of the whole planet Twinsun... almost whole. He wishes to acquire the magic from planet's core. You have to stop him.

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Clear Water Lake - movie sequence Citadel Island Baldino`s house - Proxima Island Library on Principal Island