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Latest versions:  LBArchitect - v 1.2, LBA Package Editor - v 0.11+, LBA Text Editor 2 - v 2.3,
LBA Font Editor - v 2.03+, LBA Shape Editor - v 0.01

  This page is dedicated to Little Big Adventure series, but you won't find any walkthroughs, hints or reviews there (except for short introductions to both games). Why? Because there are a lot of sites with bunch of that stuff, and it is much better worked out than I would do. Due to that I think that there is no sense in writing another walkthough which would contain nothing more than the other walkthroughs. If you come here in the belief that you will find a walkthrough here, please see the Links section. In this page you will find stuff, that would be of use for people who have made the whole game and then said: "This game is great! I have to do something more with it.". I did (more or less), and this site is the result. You'll find there: program for editing game files, file-formats descriptions and other interesting things.

  I know, I am not good in writing itroductions ;)

  About walkthorughs... Aleksander Jarecki wrote walkthrough for LBA 1 and he asked me to put it on the site. Well... why not? (it is in Documents section).