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  The "Little Big Adventure 2" game was published in 1997 under different name in USA too: "Twinsen's Adventure". The graphics is much better than in LBA1, because the game's wrold is shown in real 3D! Only inside of the buildings it's an isometric view. This part is even longer than the first one. It takes about 60 hours to finish!

  At last no sectors! Now you can admire every island in it's full view, only if you have detail level set to max. I only miss the dynamic camera. Maybe in Lba 3?
  Behaviour modes are the same as in Lba 1. But there are some additional "abilities": Twinsen can jump while running, the jump is then longer. In discreet mode the Magic Ball's trajectory changes - it flies higher, but nearer. This causes, that it can reach enemies at high places. It is now possible to set the keys manually. Now you can use "Action" key to talk when you are in any mode, not only in normal mode. The saving system is now better. You can save the game whenever you want, and in addition, the game makes autosave during entering and leaving builgins.

  There are 11 places In Lba 2 too, but they are not on the same planet. Theh are also on the moon and planet Zeelich. The adventure starts when Twinsen's friend Dino-Fly is hit by lightning and he falls down. When Twinsen is looking for a cure for him, he finds out, that the lighthouse keeper disappeard. When everything seems to be ok, the aliens come and they kindnap all the children! You have to go to their planet and solve this mystery. But the solution will not be so easy, as it seems to be. When I payed LBA2 for the first time I thought, that after healigh Dino-Fly it would be the end of the game. Fortunatelly - it was the beginning.

Some screenshots:
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Twinsen & Zoe appreciating view - movie sequence Citadel Island Otringal Island - Zeelich Emperor`s palace